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Your guide to using the right colours for Good Fengshui

Once we build our home, we put in the best of our efforts to make it look surreal. To make it look as pleasant as we can. While this can be a tiresome process a lot of times since people face difficulties in deciding how to embellish their homes, what to select and what not to, Fengshui has repeatedly emerged as a common favourite for masses. Not only does it make your home look better, it is also believed to pass on vibrant and positive energy into the house. Colours play an integral role when it comes to decorating one’s home as every colour stands for a specific message and can have an impact on your everyday life, your mood and the kind of energy that travels in your home. In case you have lately been worried about what should be the ideal colour combination of fengshui products in your home, fret not! We have it sorted for you.

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White, as we all know is the colour of extreme serenity, calmness and innocence. It also absorbs all the colours in our surroundings and that explains why we immediately feel at ease when we are in a white space. A combination of white and yellow or white and orange is considered to be good for kids’ rooms.If you are looking for something that instantly fills your home with peace, go for white!

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What comes to your mind generally when you think of the green colour or see something green? Nature, right? The colour fills up the living arena with freshness, renewal, regeneration and energy. Try and incorporate various shades of green at home to give it a more lively effect. It is not just aesthetically pleasing but has a positive impact on your health as the positive vibrations from nature are transported to you.

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Red as a colour is a representative of a number of things and has a lot to offer when it comes to fengshui. Courage, fire, passion and sexual desire are the things associated with red colour. It can also prove fruitful in kindling romantic desires between two people. The colour of marital bliss in India and romance and love in the West, Red is the Chinese colour of happiness and luck. Go for it!


The colour of sunlight, Yellow immediately brings in a lot of warmth and coziness in your home. It is highly recommended for living rooms, children’s rooms and kitchens.Yellow can also brighten up your mood if you are feeling low and dejected. It brings in the Fire and Earth element of fengshui.

If you think red is a little too bright for your home or office, go for orange instead. It is generally called a very soothing colour and immediately inspires people to talk and have a healthy conversation. Thus, it makes people talk and contains an enormous amount of positivity. It is a reminder of the fading colour of log fires and beautiful flower orchards.

There are a plethora of colours available to choose from when it comes to fengshui. The correct balance of colours is important if you are seeking to create harmony and perfect balance in your house. So the next time you wonder which colour to choose and what best suits your lifestyle, summon all you have read here and make your living experience a bit better than it already is.