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Transform your balcony into your favorite space!

Each room in a house holds its own significance in the overall functioning of the house as a home. What truly stands out, in my personal opinion, is the Balcony. While different rooms of the house are characteristic with respect to structure and area, the balcony gives a respite from the monotonous confinement inside. The unimpeded whisk of fresh air that a balcony offers gives you endless potential to transform your balcony into your favorite place.

1. Breezy sit-out

best of outdoors

To make your balcony a unique one, there are an abundance of options you can try out. The freely breezy atmosphere and well-lit space of a balcony can be advantageously used as a refreshing, yet trendy seating arena. This shall give you a multitude of arrangements, furniture options and accessories to try out. Ethnic baithak around earthen lanterns, a spacious swing set, a little couch or cushioned chairs are all great varieties you can experiment and innovate with. All these will ensure your guests and you enjoy the best of outdoors, while at the comfort of your home.

2. Zen Corner

best of outdoors

Peace and happiness are rarely found these days. The anxiety and stress caused by routine bustling lifestyle and tedious work hours leaves one exhausted by the end of each day. To find peace, you can develop a serene corner, where you escape to regularly. The balcony can be conveniently transformed into your favorite space by creating calm corner, where you look forward to spending your time mindfully.

3. Mini Office

personalized library

Work-from-home is becoming the go to part-time as well as full-fledged job arrangement, with more and more people opting it each day. But, while it might sound convenient, a work-from-home arrangement poses its own set of challenges. To be able to differentiate between domestic chores and professional requirements, one needs an assorted corner for office-related stuff and activities. This gives you another opportunity to design however you want by utilizing the naturally windy and lit open area as your very own mini office. The right seating and some shelves can do just the right job for your office or personalized library.

4. Kitchen Garden

The dishes made with home-grown produce taste sweeter than usual. It includes the taste of the effort and affection one includes in nurturing the edibles grown. Whether you’re a fond gardener, an organic-food enthusiast or just another amateur, a kitchen garden is the perfect investment of your time. With smaller, concise accommodations, and lesser free-space, you can look out to transform your balcony into your favorite space, as a kitchen garden.

5. Think tank

personalized library

Many a times, one is faced with challenges in life that need deep thoughts and subsequent analysis. Brainstorming is another method to work out different problems. But a necessary condition for either of these is a quiet, fresh place to think and deduce with clarity. What can be better than to creating a space, where thoughts can meet direction and resolve the most pestering issues? And it won’t even need much of furnishing, with just a comfy chair or bean bag, teamed with a working surface fulfilling the requirement.