Office Interior Designers in Bangalore

“Office Interior Designers in Bangalore”- If you’ve been searching for this term for a long time, then you’re at the right place. Interior decorators in Bangalore are very well aware of this psychological theory of individuals- deciding whether a company is worthy or not, just by glancing around the walls and desks and that’s why a number of companies now offer Office Interior Designers in Bangalore. Even the companies realise that office ambience and atmosphere play a vital role in not only wooing the customers but also winning over clients.

Avail the best Office Interior Designers in Bangalore-

With a vast number of companies offering the best Office Interior Designers in Bangalore, one stands apart- the Longitude Interiors. Pioneers of Apartments Interior Designers in Bangalore, they also have equal expertise in the field of architecture. This company is definitely craving to carve a niche for themselves in this deep sea of office Interior decorators in Bangalore. With a vast variety of clients ranging from real-estate to corporates, and well-known names such a Godrej, Hiranandani, Penguin India, etc, in their kitty, this group is sure to blow away your mind. Here are 6 reasons why Longitude Interiors is the best among Office Interior Decorators in Bangalore!

  • Aesthetic, pleasing and classy interiors.
  • A skilled workforce of designers, painters, carpenters, electronics etc.
  • Systematic, organised and keep you well informed about the developments
  • Time-bound, punctual and budget-friendly
  • Coordinates work even among fire alarm contractors, lighting contractors, etc.

If the above reasons do not convince you why you should choose Longitude Interiors, I do not know what will! However, they not only have the best services to offer within the market but also their work is so systematic and coordinated that you cannot help but be impressed.The first impression is most definitely the last impression and if you want your clients and work base to be impressed by choosing the best office interior decorators in Bangalore, then Longitude Interiors is the answer to all your prayers!

Our Process

  • Meet & Agree
  • Idea & Concept
  • Design & Detail
  • Build & Install

Meet us at our office with your requirements and expectation of your dream space. Our interior designer will analyse your needs and show you a power point presentation with reference images and furniture plan. An initial bill of quantities will also be presented at this stage. Once an understanding has been reached, a 10% initiation amount is to be paid.

Once the requirements are firmed upon, our team of enthusiastic designers work on the idea/theme for your home. A concept is created with a clear understanding of the client’s personality and the aesthetic touch of our team.

Customized designs are created keeping in mind the overall theme and colour preferences of client. Entire look of each room is developed in 3D with attention given to all the aspects of design ranging from furniture, false ceiling, lighting, wallpapers and soft furnishings. Once the 3D designs are frozen, the detailing with dimensions is done in CAD format. A final bill of quantities (BOQ) is prepared and signed off by client. At this stage, another 40% is paid as execution advance.

Final detailed drawings are sent to our factories for production of modular units. The manufacturing process is carefully monitored by our professionally trained technicians. Quality of product is ensured at all the times. All the customized units are manufactured on site under the supervision of our onsite engineers. Modular units are delivered and installed on site. The project is then completed to client satisfaction.

“Your home is completed without any hassle and ready to step in”