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Kinds of Lampshade you need to know!

You are giving your home a redo. The decoration of your place reflects your personality and it should, after all, you have put so much effort into making this place. Lighting is an important aspect of creating an ambience. No one wants a gloomy appearance. If you have done it correctly, it will change the whole atmosphere of the place. While there are many artificial sources of lighting, lamp shades add to the look while giving you the perfect light. You can place a lampshade on the floor, the corner table, and ceiling. The free space on your wall can have a mounted lampshade, and below the lamp, you can place an artwork or a picture that would add to the beauty of the lampshade. The different types of shape of lamp shades have different purposes to serve. To know more let’s discuss a few common ones here.

Bell lamp shade

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These are the ones which are narrow at the top and broader at the bottom. They are one of the most common lampshades. If you don’t want to experiment much you can be on a safer side with choosing them. Mostly used on the tables and for floor lamps, it blends with ease with the traditional décor and gives you a classic look.

Drum lamp shade

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This lampshade is in a shape of a drum. You can go for a drum lamp shade where the lighting is the criteria since it scatters the light evenly. Drum lamp shades can go with both a traditional look and a modern look. Drum lampshade can be used for a table or as a floor lamp. The light spread is medium through both the ends.

Coolie lamp shade

Coolie lampshades have slopes, with a narrow top and wider bottom. If you want a modern look, go for this one. The bottoms are 3 to 4 times of the top. The dispersion of light is maximum at the bottom due to the shape. Since the light is diffused, it is not suitable if you need a pointed light on furniture or picture.

Cylindrical lamp shade

Cylindrical lampshades are taller than they are wide. The light output is maximum because of equal exposure at the top and the bottom. It goes well with the contemporary décor.

Empire lamp shade

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They have straight sides. They are suitable as reading lamps, so you can put it beside your reading chair. Empire lampshades are also used as ceiling lamps, adding more beauty to the ceiling. They are simple and gives a classic look. The light scatters maximum at the bottom and is low at the top.

Square lamp shade

Choose a square lampshade when you want to make a strong statement. This lampshade will have defined and clean lines, it will add to the modern look of your place.

Other than the above types there are lamp shades available on a lot of geometrical shapes like conical, hexagon, rectangle, oval.There are lampshades available in different material, glass, fabric, paper and plastic. Try to keep the colour of the shade in sync with the décor. Choose lampshades according to the area you have to avail and your taste. Lampshades are no more restricted to your bedside table, place wherever you feel the need. It can be in the hallway, bathroom, dining table, passage. Keep in mind the shape of your lamp before buying the lamp shade. Illuminate the place correctly and it will make the ambience cheerful.