Home Interiors Bangalore

Everyone dreams of a beautiful home or office. The home which takes them to a different world. The home where they can enjoy quality time with their family. To accomplish this, interior design has been playing an important role. The Longitude interiors, one of the best interior design firms in Bangalore, is helping the home in achieving this dream. Established in 2007 and with 10+ years of experience, this Interior Design Firm in Bangalore is now in the top home interiors Bangalore. More than 100 clients have believed in the firm and this number is continuously increasing.

What Longitude interiors actually do?

This interior design firm in Bangalore conceptualizes, designs and builds. Didn’t understand. Let me explain. Once a client put their trust in longitude interiors, his dream interior design is molded through these three processes.

  • Conceptualize: After knowing client’s taste, lifestyle, and comfort, our team blends this information and builds a concept out of this. This concept` is shown to the client for his feedback to proceed to the next stage.
  • Design: Once the concept is approved by the client, our designers work day and night to create a 3D model representation enabling a client to visualize his future home.
  • Build: The concepts and design are implemented under the supervision of highly skilled professionals to making the visualization a reality.

Our process:

From meeting us to meeting your dream house, the process is completed in four steps:

  • Meet and Agree
  • Idea and Concept
  • Design and Detail
  • Build and Install

These terms are self-explanatory. While working on dream house, we assure that your home is completed without any hassle and ready to step in. Our work had spoken in the past and is speaking as our clients’ number is increasing. That’s why we got a rank in top home interiors Bangalore and so we are one of the best interior design firms in Bangalore.

Our Process

  • Meet & Agree
  • Idea & Concept
  • Design & Detail
  • Build & Install

Meet us at our office with your requirements and expectation of your dream space. Our interior designer will analyse your needs and show you a power point presentation with reference images and furniture plan. An initial bill of quantities will also be presented at this stage. Once an understanding has been reached, a 10% initiation amount is to be paid.

Once the requirements are firmed upon, our team of enthusiastic designers work on the idea/theme for your home. A concept is created with a clear understanding of the client’s personality and the aesthetic touch of our team.

Customized designs are created keeping in mind the overall theme and colour preferences of client. Entire look of each room is developed in 3D with attention given to all the aspects of design ranging from furniture, false ceiling, lighting, wallpapers and soft furnishings. Once the 3D designs are frozen, the detailing with dimensions is done in CAD format. A final bill of quantities (BOQ) is prepared and signed off by client. At this stage, another 40% is paid as execution advance.

Final detailed drawings are sent to our factories for production of modular units. The manufacturing process is carefully monitored by our professionally trained technicians. Quality of product is ensured at all the times. All the customized units are manufactured on site under the supervision of our onsite engineers. Modular units are delivered and installed on site. The project is then completed to client satisfaction.

“Your home is completed without any hassle and ready to step in”