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How to Hang Art Right

There’s something about art that is appealing – it is beauty, grace and expression so wonderfully intertwined together that it leaves us in awe of it. And in order to completely realise art’s aesthetic, it needs to be hung right because a bad nail placement has the potential to ruin art’s appeal which goes against the very notion of art itself. Hanging art is not rocket science. However, gaining an insight into the do’s and don’ts of hanging art can save you the time and the frustration of not doing it right.

Art hung in the wrong manner is extremely distracting. If something about your room is irking you, chances are it’s the picture frame on your wall that has been hung haphazardly. Hanging an art piece on a wall is an art in itself and it takes several trials and errors to become a connoisseur at it. There are a few common mistakes that most of us make when hanging a piece of art on the wall and realising those can be immensely helpful. This is because mistakes can always be rectified and understanding the mistake is the first step to correcting it.

As mentioned earlier, there are a few mistakes that we all make when hanging art but the following are the most common out of them.

  • First is the problem of placement. Many of us place art too high which makes it look as if it were floating in white space. To maintain art’s aesthetic feeling and to make your room visually appealing, a space of five inches between the foot of your art piece and the top of your furniture should be maintained.

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  • Second is the fallacy of appropriation. Pairing small art with large pieces distorts the scale of your art piece, the objects surrounding it and the reason why your room looks funny and makes you feel jittery. To rectify this problem, either surround the small art piece with a gallery of other small ones or swap it for a larger piece which is in proportion to the scale of the objects surrounding it.

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  • The third is the predicament of spacing. In order to leave sufficient gap in between corresponding art pieces, we more often than not, end up leaving too much gap which makes it look spaced out and awkward. To make your art pieces appear more in harmony, it has been advised to space them not more than three inches apart.
    These are the key problems while dealing with hanging art. Besides these, the following are a few suggestions that could help in hanging art better.

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  • To prevent overcrowding, remember not to hang all your art pieces at once. Rotate them periodically instead.

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  • Don’t adorn every wall with an art piece. Leave a couple of them blank to allow your eyes some rest and also to grant the hung art pieces the attention they deserve.

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  • Avoid displaying art on walls that receive a lot of sunshine as the colours may fade over time due to exposure to constant sunlight.

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Hanging art is an amazing way to fill up the empty spaces in the house. With the points mentioned above, you can now hang art in a way that is both beautiful and creative and also adds to the quality of your home, making it richer and warmer.