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The Do’s and Don’ts of Interior Designing

Your home is more than just an apartment – it is a statement of your life. And it is obvious to expect that your statement of life resonates with beauty, elegance, integrity and functionality. To effectively externalise that statement, your home deserves to be planned with the best interior designing techniques in mind. Interior designing is much more than just choosing colours and fabrics. It is about enhancing your way of life by customising your home to suit your personal needs by making it aesthetically pleasing.

We all desire that our homes look like the ones advertised in magazines, design catalogues and home décor shows on TV – stately whilst being modern, beautiful whilst being comfortable, gorgeous whilst being practical. Those apartments are decorated and furnished by connoisseurs and professional interior designers which is probably why the entire process seems so effortless. However, making your home look that way is a big task and certainly not an effortless one. But, this is not a reason to worry as designing and decorating is a kind of planning and all planning requires a set of rules and strategy to be followed for it to be successful.

With the following do’s and don’ts of interior designing, you can utilise your home space harmoniously and also make your home look effortlessly magnificent.

Don’ts :

  • Don’t push all your furniture to the walls because that makes the room look awkward. Allow your furniture some breathing space so that all the space can be efficiently utilised which renders an air of conversational grouping in the room.

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  • Don’t decide the paint colours on your wall first. Paint colours can be finalised last after your furniture and decorative items have been decided. The reason is simple; it is easier to find paint that matches your furniture than the other way round. This will help set your house in colourful harmony.

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  • Don’t paint every room of your house a different colour. In order for your house to have a cohesive feel to it, choose three main colours and use them in varying shades to give your home an interesting and refreshing look.

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Do’s :

  • Use a dramatic vibrant colour in a small space such as the pantry or the hallway. Opting for such hues in small spaces makes the house look energetic, colourful and bigger.

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  • Experiment with texture as it adds dimension to a room. Texture can be added with a rug, wall décor, coffee table or strategically placed cushions. However, remember not to go overboard.

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  • Make use of light fixtures that match the setting of your room in terms of size and style. Proper lighting is essential to the appearance of a room, as the right accessories are to an outfit.

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The aforementioned points are only the basic do’s and don’ts of interior designing and there’s much more to learn. However, these fundamental rules can help you give a clearer idea of how to go about decorating and furnishing your house without wasting time and energy.