6 pretty patio room design ideas

Having trouble filling out those patio spaces? With Summer, just around the corner, it’s time to prepare an entertaining, creative and soothing outdoor space. The patio is not just an extension but it can be designed to add an extra dimension to your house. A good word of expertise regarding style and design can alter the way you imagined that open outdoor space. The type and shape can be a question to ask because a patio can run throughout the outdoors while it can be contained in smaller spaces depending upon the available breadth.

The purpose of the location, the availability of the space and the withholding budget of the project are some key areas to look for while orchestrating a patio design.

pretty patio room design

Imagine having a serene outdoor space where you could play with your surroundings. An outdoor patio is envisioned to let you relax and have fun at the same time but it does not come at the cost of protection from natural elements. Without considering the fact that you are not vulnerable to any natural phenomenon it can’ be called a room.

2. Courtyard Design

pretty patio room design Bangalore

A Courtyard patio is designed by secluding a single wall which serves as an entrant and this design takes its place way back in the history due to the emergence of patio designs in order to fill up the adjacent spaces to the house and the central courtyards. This patio design can also accumulate a large variety of plants providing for microclimate changes.

3. Mixing up materials

pretty patio room design

Inspiring yet basic patio designs are composed of diverse mixing materials. The choice of materials ranges from pavers, concrete, stone tile, sand & gravel and this patio room design idea portrays artistic grading of soils.

4. Gracious Furniture

pretty patio room design

A cosy and attractive furniture changes the magnification of joy in any outdoor adventure. Wood, metal, and resin will inflame the elegance in an outdoor porch while every material comes equipped with its own set of utilities. Wooden furniture not only shades light upon the naturality in the exteriors but the gripping textures also form for a mesmerizing look. The metal patio furniture in the contrast provides stability and endurance in the exposed environments. The resin is a high-quality synthetic material that has been used by top designing firms and patio developers due to wide and unique applications in the furniture scenario.

5. Small Gardening Enclosures

pretty patio room design

Modern-day gardening does not require much space and with the rise of vertical and terrestrial gardening, the view of any outdoor space can be brought to life. The contrast of two worlds is appealing and it helps soothe the stress in order for the mind to relax.

6. Edgings and leading lines

pretty patio room design

Leading lines and edges are not the most sought-after aspects in patio room design but the choice of materials used in the edges and providing the patio design a final boundary is still important.

These edges provide for:

  • Containing the design.
  • Serving as a transition between softscape and hardscape.

Patio makeover lets you extend your household to a new proportion so go out there experiment with what you feel can be capacitated in your outdoors and witness a subtle transition in your lifestyle.