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6 Ideas to give your home a makeover this New Year

We all are waiting for New Year 2018 for a new year is always a harbinger of with new aspirations and new vibes. So, why not to welcome this New Year in a fantastic way by a makeover? Just like we spend so much time and effort to dress well for the festive season, our home deserves some pampering too! It is a general belief that giving your house a makeover can cost a lot. However, with the right budget planning we can all adorn our houses with new and better things.

We share with you 6 ideas to give your home new makeover this New Year.


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Flowers always play a significant role in making the atmosphere of your home fresh. One can select a good pot from the market to put a fresh flower inside. You can purchase attractive flower pots from online websites as well as from retail market as per your budget. If you cannot afford frequent purchases, go for one time investment in artificial flowers which can make your house look rich in abundance.


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In festive days, one must ensure to make the living room the most attractive for this is the place where you receive your guests.  For the living room, you can purchase a good showpiece which gives an attractive and unique look. One can also put a beautiful painting on the wall of the living room to flaunt off an artistic taste. Invest in getting cushions and sofa covers in colors that look aesthetically pleasing to the eye.


Torans is a great way to decorate your home during festive season. You can give a modern touch to these torans for the Christmas. These torans can be wooden and ornately carved which would give your entrance a better look. Torans or other such embellishments can give an elegant external look to your house.


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One way you can make your old bed look new is to deck it up with new bedsheets and covers. Make sure to select bed sheets as per the color of the bedroom walls so that it they look well-coordinated and complement one another. You can also get cushion and its covers that go well with the festive theme. You can buy them online or from the retail market, but here I would recommend you to select a trusted company, as replacing these items is a tedious task.


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One can give a drastic change in the look of home by replacing furniture or rearranging it. If you have very old furniture then you can replace it with new. Nowadays, many shops take old furniture and give a huge discount on new furniture. Alternatively, you can get your old furniture painted and clothed anew.


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Bathroom is that part of the house which is forgotten when you plan a makeover. Make sure to spruce up your bathrooms before the festive season. Make sure that you keep the bathrooms clean and also decorate it with small hangings, fragrance and candles. If possible, change the bathroom accessories.

We are very excited to embrace this newness, are you?